Monday, April 16, 2007

Unbelievable...that's all I can say.

You know, you never think that something so tragic could happen so close to home...until it actually does. This morning as I was preparing to go to Virginia Tech to visit with some of my former co-workers, a police car began patrolling my neighborhood and announced over the loudspeaker something that I couldn't understand. The winds were really high this morning, so I figured it had something to do with the weather. I turned on the television only to find that there had been a couple of shootings at Virginia Tech. I called a friend that I worked with and she said that one of the shootings was right next door to my old office building - everyone in my office was fine, but it was a little too close to home. Now as the day progresses, it just seems to get worse and worse. We are on "lock-down" here at our house. Even though they think the shooter is dead, they are still advising that we stay in our homes away from windows. We're not taking any chances. I look at my son, and I ache for the parents of these students who have had their lives so senselessly taken from them. I put him down for his nap today and wanted to hold on to him so tightly forever, and never let anything like this happen to him. This world is so cold and cruel. My son is so precious. Sometimes I wonder how I could let him enter in to something so dangerous. I know it's silly. But I feel a strong sense of protection today. Someday I'll let him grow up. But today I'm so glad that I can hold him in my arms and know he is safe.

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