Friday, March 26, 2010

Planting Flowers

It has been so busy around here, I've taken LOTS of pictures, but haven't had time to post anything. So here goes. My attempt at updating... The weather has been lovely here the last few weeks, so the boys and I spent a lovely afternoon in the backyard planting some flowers a couple of weeks ago. The end result was quite lovely, and our patio looks so springy and pretty now. We're enjoying it so much. The boys LOVE their job of watering the flowers and often fight over who gets to hold the watering can or hose. And of course, when the hose is in use, Grant inevitably sprays himself AND Mason until they're soaked to the bone which results in many tears from Mason and many sly grins from Grant. They're definitely brothers! ...And I hear Mason waking from his nap now, so the rest of the "catching up" will have to come later. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Backyard Birds

When my parents were here a few weeks ago, my dad took me out and they bought us a lovely new set of bird feeders and a beautiful iron pole to hang them on. We haven't had too very many birds as of yet, but they are slowly but surely discovering their new feeding place. I get so excited when I see a little bird out on my feeders. Here are a few pics of my new-found joy in my very own backyard. It's actually hard to get pictures of them because every time I open the sliding back door to take their pictures, they fly away. Boo. (These are especially for you, mom and dad...wish you were here to enjoy them with me! Obviously I know what the cardinals you know what the others are?) :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The End...

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the end of time...could it really be nearing? I'm doing a Bible Study right now on the book of Revelation by Beth Moore. It's been a great study, and I've learned a lot. More importantly, however, I've thought a lot. I feel a deep urgency to share my faith with others, for I truly do believe that the time is nearing. No other generation in the history of this earth has had more reason to be on their "spiritual tip-toes" than we do right now. Prophecies from the Scripture are coming true right and left. The birth pangs of Christ's coming are getting closer together, and stronger, too. It certainly is something we need to open our eyes to and be prepared. Christ IS coming like a thief in the night to gather His church, and we must be ready! It seems that I'm not the only one who has been thinking these things. Every time I turn around, a friend is mentioning it, or I hear it on the radio, or someone posts something on Facebook. The very same time we started our study, our Pastor began a sermon series by coincidence on Revelation! I hear of many other churches (including my parents) doing the very same thing. It seems I am constantly hearing of another "sign of the times" as predicted in Scripture. So I'm learning a lot and am paying close attention to these signs. Did you know that as of this morning, our world has been rocked by 22 earthquakes in 2010 alone? And the US has sustained 6 of those quakes. And what about the unusually cold/blizzards/etc of this winter? There have been many other natural disasters, as well. And what's this about the US and Israel's recent relations? It's all so very interesting... No one knows the time or day, but I believe Christ is faithfully revealing His warning to us through many means as He promised us He would do in Scripture. We need to be listening, we need to heed His warning, we need to get ourselves ready and we need to be sharing our faith with others. The time is urgent. He's coming again (and soon, in my opinion!). Come, Lord Jesus. We're waiting with great anticipation!