Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Down in FL

Well, Grant and I made it down to Florida to join Chris last Thursday. It was a late night, and I was never so glad to be off of a plane, and into a bed! I was exhausted. Grant did great, although he didn't sleep as I thought he would, despite the fact that we didn't get in to Jacksonville until after 10:30. Friday was a whirlwind day as I tried to get groceries, figure out my surroundings, etc. and when Chris got home, he said that he had been given Saturday, Sunday and Monday off so we had a three day weekend. So we packed our bags quickly and hopped in the car to head down to Melbourne, FL, where Chris' parents have a place, to visit with them for a few days. We had a nice couple of days there with them, just enjoying the sunshine, swimming pool and putting green. Monday we got up and decided we should go to Sea World. It is only about an hour from Chris' parent's house, and Chris and his dependants can get in one day a year or our choosing to Sea World for free! Granny and Grandpa decided to join us, and we were pleasantly surprised that they let us take them in for free with us as well! The military certainly has its perks! So all 5 of us got to enjoy a free day at Sea World, see Shamu, etc. It was a lovely day. I found myself choked up several times as I watched Grant experience this for the first time. When they brought Shamu out, Grant's eyes were huge and sparkling, he was enthralled with this giant fish jumping out of the water. He stood there and just clapped with this huge teethy grin. I stood there watching him and was amazed. I was seeing Shamu from Grant's eyes, and it was wonderful! I was all choked up as I watched him experience this joy in life. Silly, I know. After we went to Sea World, we went to a restaurant called Giordano's. It originated in Chicago, and every time my family would go to Chicago growing up, we had to eat Chicago style pizza there. I say it is the best pizza in the world! So I was thrilled to know they had opened one only 15 minutes from Sea World. Every bite was wonderful! Boy, that pizza sure is good - just as I remembered it! We didn't get home until midnight. We sure are exhausted today!

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ronandbevworley said...

Granny and Grandpa Worley sure did enjoy having you all at our place in Florida this past weekend. Miss you all already.
Granny and Grandpa