Monday, November 5, 2007

Cacophony of pictures from the month of October in Jacksonville

These have been a long time and coming, but I finally had a quiet moment to upload some pictures. Enjoy! The Family at Sea World Seeing Shamu perform Shamu's show Grant and daddy smashing their faces against the side of the pack-n-play in our hotel room We went to the Jacksonville Zoo with my good friend, Jan, and her family. We had a wonderful time! We found Grant trying on Daddy's shorts one day. Isn't he cute! Grant loves to pull on ears and noses when he rides on your shoulders. Poor daddy! - At the Tampa Aquarium Todd, Anita, Martin, Chris and Grant at the Tampa Aquarium Grant gave kisses to the mermaid statue. Todd liked the mermaid statue, too! :-) The whole family outside of the Tampa Aquarium

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