Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11.07.2009 Christmas in a Child's Eyes

We were going to decorate for Christmas on November 8 after Chris came home from work, so while he was on call on the 7th, Grant, Mason and I pulled out the Christmas tree to set it up so when Chris got home, we could decorate. Grant was so cute. As soon as he saw the box for the tree, he started jumping up and down, and all he could say was, "I'm so excited!" over and over again. I had the tree put together before their nap, but no lights were on it. So when the lights were on after he woke up from his nap, he came out rubbing his eyes, and they just kept getting bigger and bigger. After a few minutes of standing there silently rubbing his eyes, he turned around just as quickly as he could, tore off back to his bedroom where he shouted, "Mason, Mason, you gotta wake up! CHRISTMAS is here!" It was so cute.
As we had started decorating, I sat them both down and talked to them about Christmas being Jesus' birthday, and how he was born in a stable and the shepherds and wisemen came to see him and worship him. Then I told them that it was their job to put the Nativity set under the tree. They worked on it for at least an hour. After a while, Grant came to get me to see their handiwork. They did a great job - everything was perfect...except I noticed one thing that was strange. There was a race-car driver from one of his toys in the middle of the nativity scene.
I said, "Grant, who's this?" as I pointed to the race-car driver.
He matter-of-factly said, "That's a man like today, mommy."
I said, "Oh, it is, huh? A man like today?"
"Yep," he answered, "because we need to worship Jesus, too, Mommy!"
I thought that was great theology! Needless to say, the race-car driver is part of our Nativity set this year (and maybe every year after this, too). I'm not moving him for anything!


West05 said...

Perfect! Just perfect! I expect to come see your natvity in 20 yrs and see that little man placed right there just as it should be!

C.C.W. said...

Hey, just because he wasn't mentioned in the story... doesn't mean he wasn't there