Friday, March 28, 2008

Week of Busyness!

Well the first week of Mason's life has been rather eventful! We brought him home on Saturday, March 22. Since Easter was Sunday, March 23, we thought it would be fun to spend some time dyeing Easter Eggs with Grant on Saturday - just something special with him to make him feel important and loved. So we decorated Easter Eggs for a while on Saturday afternoon. Grant had a blast. He enjoyed putting the eggs in the dye, which ended up all over the table. Thank goodness for trash bags and newspaper! Sunday afternoon we hid some easter eggs (in the shape of basketballs - since this year we're right in the middle of March madness, it seemed quite appropriate!) and had Grant find them, which he loved! After he found each egg, he'd take it straight to his daddy to open because he wanted to eat what was inside! He got so excited, so we kept hiding the same eggs over and over again. He'd run to the kitchen and wait patiently for daddy to tell him to come find the egg whereupon he'd run into the family room and search for the egg full of excitement, wonder and joy. It was so cute. He kept wanting to share the candy with Mason, and every time he'd pass by the baby, he'd kiss him on the forehead. He sure loves his baby! Grandpa and Granny Worley kept Grant while we took Mason to the doctor on Monday morning. Although Mason had lost another ounce - 11 ounces in all - he was obviously eating now and the jaundice was disappearing, so the doctor told us to come back for a check-up in 2 weeks when he expected Mason to be back up to his birth weight and just perfect. After we got hom from the doctor's office, Granny and Grandpa left to go back to KY. We sure enjoyed having them here with us to celebrate Mason's birth, play with Grant and celebrate Easter! My parents left at 7:30 AM on Monday for their turn with the baby, but their car broke down on the side of the road, delaying their arrival by about 6 hours and lots of money! We were so glad they were here. Mom made lots of food and froze it for us to pull out and eat for the next few weeks. Dad relaxed, took Grant to the park and had plenty of time to unwind from the busy weeks he's had in preparation for Easter. Days with Grandma and Paw Paw were filled with cooking, coloring, taking lots of pictures, playing basketball and crawling UP the slides at the park. Yesterday we all went for a walk which was quite enjoyable, although I was pretty tired by the end. My parents left yesterday to go to Gatlinburg for a few days, so today is our first day on our own. We're doing well so far. No stress yet. We'll see how I feel at the end of the day. I'm feeling great! I felt back to normal within hours of Mason's birth. Mason is finally sleeping better. The first couple of nights were rough - we were up until 2:30 the first night and 4:00 the second night. But we moved a few things around and tried a few new tactics, and he's sleeping great now. He is so content. Very quiet, and you never hear a peep out of him. You couldn't ask for a better baby. Grant loves him. He always wants to be touching him, kissing him, etc. And he thinks the noises that Mason makes are absolutely hilarious. We have enjoyed watching how loving and gentle our little Grant is. What a blessing we have with two beautiful boys. Decorating Easter Eggs Easter Egg Hunt Grandpa and Granny Worley I walked into the family room the other day and saw Grant standing next to Mason's Moses Basket holding Mason's hand and talking quietly to him. Grant is such a loving brother! Paw Paw and Grandma Beutler's Visit Cooking with Grandma Beutler Bathtime with BUBBLES! The NEW Worley Family

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NTS Montgomery said...

I love all your pictures. Grant is getting to be so big. I can't believe our little guys are going to be 2. :) That's so great that he's doing so well with Mason. I can only pray that Sam does that well when Sophia arrives in about 2 months.