Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Amusing Anecdotes from the Day

Today I was outside while Grant was playing in his little pool. We've been working on colors with him so I pointed at a toy and said, "Grant, what color is this?", pointing at the yellow truck. He looked at me, clapped his hands and with a huge smile on his face, said, "suh-shy" (aka "sunshine!"). Well...at least he knew the sunshine is yellow! It's kind of close... :-) This evening while I was getting dinner ready, I placed a bowl of fruit on the table. We were waiting for our meal to bake, and Grant discovered the fresh fruit, climbed up on his chair and tried to reach into the bowl. I told him, "No," about 5 times and kept removing him from the chair, explaining to him that we had to wait for dinner. I was getting quite exasperated because the kid just wasn't listening and kept trying to sneak a piece of fruit when I wasn't looking, Finally I said, "Grant, Mommy told you no. Don't do it again or you'll have to have a time-out" whereupon he sat down in his chair, folded his hands, bowed his head and said, "Shay-sha ("Jesus"),"...followed by complete silence and then a resounding..."Meeen! (Amen!)" He turned around, smiled at me, and stuck his hand right back in the bowl. I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I guess he thought saying a prayer magically made it dinnertime. Isn't he precious! It was so hard to make him wait after that. He makes me laugh, that's for sure.

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West05 said...

Too funny, I love it!