Wednesday, November 12, 2008

11.09.08 Cowboy Mason (and Grant, too)

We have the cutest little outfit that I love putting our kids in for cooler weather. It was one of my favorites with Grant, and now with Mason, too! Today for church it was nice and cool, so I put him in it, wrapped the tie around his neck and proudly took him to the nursery to show off my cute boy. After his nap this afternoon, I pulled out the cowboy hat like I did a couple of years ago with Grant and took a few pictures. Isn't he adorable!!?? I found an old picture that I took of Grant a few weeks younger than Mason is at this point. Don't they look so different! Hardly even like brothers! I was amazed.


Jessi said...

Such a cutie! Oh, how I hate that I'm not there to see Mason grow.

Hope you can get the uploader to work...I'd love to see a picture of Grant in the same outfit. I did the same thing...I put Laney in the same Halloween onesie that Josiah wore. It was so fun to see how much different Josiah was at this stage.

Jan said...

you have the most adorable kids, you must have more! :)
it is amazing how different they are, I can't wait to see if Lincoln looks anything like Lenox!