Saturday, March 21, 2009

03.20.09 Mason's First Birthday!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Our computer hard drive has been fried, and so I haven't been able to upload any pictures. :-( We have been busy, and hopefully I'll be posting here more soon, however, our computer is still down. The special treat this week is that my mom and grandparents are here for a visit. And Dad is coming on Monday! Mom brought her laptop, so I jumped at the chance to upload some pictures and share our life with you again!
Yesterday, Mason turned one! I can't believe a whole year has passed already. Chris and I were talking last night, and we still think of Mason as such a baby. We don't picture him this old just yet. And yet, here he is...ONE YEAR OLD! Here are a few pics of his party and of him digging into his cake. You should have seen him. Unlike Grant who went head first, he just dug in with both hands and downed almost the entire two layer cake before we knew it. When I took it away, he was groping for more!! He sure loved his chocolate cake. :-) We had a basketball themed party, and had about 34 friends and family come and celebrate this great milestone in our little one's life. Thank you all for coming, and to those of you too far away, we missed you so much and wished you were here!
Our Basketball themed party decorations - of course I had to do them in UK BLUE!! Go CATS!

We had "Concession Food" to go along with our Basketball theme. We had Nachos, Hotdogs, Pretzels, fruit and cake, of course! We even made a concession food sign advertising prices...too bad no one actually paid! Ha!

Mason eating his first Birthday Cake


Jessi said...

A basketball themed fitting since we are just starting March Madness!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your decorations (concession price chart) and yummy foods....and look at the detailed texture of the bball cake!!!!

Glad to hear that Mason dug right in...I adore the last picture of him covered in chocolate!

Can't wait to see more pics!

Julie said...

Hey, the party looks like it was lots of fun!!! So sad we had to miss it. If we had been able to be there, I would have been wearing proudly been wearing my UConn shirt :) I hope you are enjoying your time with your family in town!

MostHolyRev said...

I sure was glad that I was at your party! I was a proud mother (for my daughter can sure throw a party) and a proud grandma - (for my grandchildren are the joy of my life).

Rachel, Andy, Christopher, and Kaela said...

What a wonderful mess. Aren't children such a blessing! =) Thanks for the pictures.