Thursday, May 7, 2009

04.18.2009 Sponteneity in Savannah, GA

Stephanie and Dan called us on like Thursday of this week and asked if we would meet them in Savannah, GA on Saturday. It's a 5 hour drive for them, and just over 2 hours for us. So they definitely got the raw end of the deal, but we had so much fun getting together one last time before they move back to IN from NC. We had so much fun with them living on the East Coast with us for 3 years and will miss them greatly when they move even further away from us.
Savannah was beautiful! We all loved the huge live oak trees, the old buildings, the street performers and the bit of culture that we experienced while we were there. We stopped at the visitor's center and asked if they had plantation houses that we could drive around and see...the lady kind of sneered at us, said we'd have to go to Charleston for that because "The Yankees burned them all down." Oh. We decided not to tell her where we were from, because it seemed that there might be a bit of bad blood between us. It's amazing to me that even after all these years, there's still a bit of animosity between the north and the south (at least as far as the south is concerned...for some reason I never hear those kind of comments in the north). Anyway, if you've never been to Savannah, go! It was beautiful, and we enjoyed walking around the city. We'll go back, for sure!


Ruvin said...

She could probably tell you were from the north and her Yankee radar went up. :) The civil war is still a bit of a touchy subject in the south, yes. I mean, people dress up and act it out over and over again, so that's gotta tell you something. Anyway, Savannah is really pretty. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Jan said...

I love Savannah!
It's pretty simple, the North won the war, that's why they aren't bitter. :)