Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 7, 2009 - Paradise Snorkeling Tour

Chris and I were blessed with having "baby-sitters" with us on our vacation this year. Chris' parents were kind enough to keep Grant and Mason for us on Tuesday morning/afternoon so that he and I could go snorkeling together. We had a great time snorkeling and then hanging out on the beach at Morena Marina south of Cancun. We were even serenaded at lunch! How fun and so very relaxing! On the catamaran coming back from snorkeling.
Did I mention that to get in the water we had to jump off the side of the boat into the ocean about 10 feet below us?? How fun!
The coconuts were huge!
Yes, this is the man I married 5 years ago. Scary! ;-)
That night, the boys were so tired. We went to Chris' favorite restaurant and found the service to be EXTREMELY slow. We had some guys come around with guitars and sing a couple of songs. Grant got to add percussion to one of them which was the highlight of his day. You should have seen how his face lit up as he shook the maraca. But the boys didn't last until our meal was served. We did get to eat our salads, and it turned out to be my favorite salad all week - a peel of cucumber wrapped around fresh papaya, pineapple and grapefruit, drizzled with lime vinaigrette. Whoa! Boy, was it good!
There was much whining and crying from both of the boys, however, so to spare us all frustration, instead of eating, I took them back to the room and they were both sound asleep within minutes of getting there. Poor kids. They were tuckered out! I didn't realize until later that it was actually like 8:30 their time when we sat down to eat. No wonder they were tired. Chris brought my meal back to me and I enjoyed every bite! Traditional Mexican tacos with grilled chicken and green pepper. Yum!

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