Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year...a New Leaf!

Well, the saying is true. A new year comes along, and many people turn over a new leaf and begin anew. In our family we have resolved to do a few things differently - I'd like to lose some weight, spend more time reading (especially my Bible) and get the kids outside more before it gets too unbearably hot.
I'm finding that in FL, the picture of turning over a new leaf could not be any more applicable. Remember the tree in my back yard that shed it's leaves only three weeks ago?? Well, here it is the first week of January, and it is holding true to the saying...its new leaves are already in bloom! I'm afraid that while we're in Cancun we'll miss the pretty progression from bud to leaf, but I took a few pictures so you could enjoy "Spring" with me - in the midst of the dead of winter! :-)
Notice that "Fall" still hasn't happened all the way and yet here it is - "Spring!"
I spoke with a friend today and she said they really only have two seasons in FL - Hot and Hotter! How true, how true.

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Jessi said...

I'm hearin' ya on the seasons of HOT and HOTTER. I don't think our trees experience much flux either. Boy, do I miss the Fall and Spring of VA.

Enjoy your time in Cancun!