Friday, May 22, 2009

Our New Home!

Several of you have been wanting to see pictures of our new home. Sorry I haven't gotten around to it sooner. This month has been quite busy, as I'm sure you can surmise. Plus, my computer has really been acting up - just checking my e-mail was taking over an hour! It was far worse than the days of dial-up, I assure you! :-)
So today I took a few pictures and am trying to upload them now so that you can see a glimpse of where we're living. My boys were sleeping, so you won't see their room, nor will you see the office which is our disaster room at the moment. We'll get it all together eventually, so you can see everything, I promise.
Our new home is 2300 Square Feet with beautiful white crown molding throughout. The entry way, kitchen, bathrooms (2-1/2) and living room are all tiled; the bedrooms (3), dining room (our play room for now) and office (lovely french doors keep the office quiet for poor Chris) are carpeted. It has a beautiful view of a man-made pond behind us with a natural preserve behind that, so the view will always stay, so that's a plus. I love the light fixtures that they had chosen - they feel warm and welcoming to me. There's a lovely breeze that comes through the house if you open up the large glass sliding doors in the back as well as all the windows...hopefully it'll cut down on our electricity bill this summer if we don't have to use as much A/C! Yeah! Anyway, we've been here about 3 weeks now and we're absolutely loving it! We've already trimmed all the shrubs waaaaay back, mowed the lawn, and have even harvested a few tomatoes and peppers from the plants I planted back in March. We're loving home-ownership...until June 1 when we make our first payment! Ha!
Welcome to our Home!
We celebrated our 5th anniversary this year. The traditional gift for year #5 is a gift of wood, so I had this wooden plaque made for my Chris in honor of our 5th anniversary. Isn't it neat?Dining Room/Play the immediate left upon entrance
We definitely need to raise the chandelier...I keep hitting my head on it. Ouch!
Entryway to Kitchen
Looking into the kitchen from the see the kitchen directly in front, the family room off to the right, and the Master Bedroom straight back.
Kitchen - you can see the office if you look straight back
The door to the left of the refrigerator is the pantry; the door to the right of the refrigerator leads to the garage, and the door the right of that is the 1/2 bath.
Family Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Guest Room -
Some friends from our church found out we were looking for guest room furniture and GAVE us this beautiful furniture. It's actually really funny, because my furniture at my parent's house is this EXACT furniture, only different pieces. I have the night stand, lingerie chest, and dresser with mirror at home. Here we have the bed, and chest of drawers! Now the set is complete!


MostHolyRev said...

Your home looks absolutely beautiful! This is the first time I have seen the plaque you bought for Chris "Worley Family" - that is great! I also liked what you did in those little cubbies right ouside the kitchen, with the wreath/tulips on one side and the vase of tulips on the other. The new sconces in the bedroom are really pretty. Everything is so lovely. You must be very happy owning and decorating your first home. We are so happy for you. I can't wait to see it in person...

Jessi said...

How lovely! I wish I could see it in's so warm and inviting.

I'd love to see the boys' room, when you get another free minute.

And how wonderful that you were given guest room furniture....what a blessing!

Where did you end up hanging your "Worley Family" plaque?

West05 said...

The windows/view from your bedroom is fantastic!!! What a wonderful thing to wake up to every morning!

Nate and Molly said...

I love it! Did you have to paint? The colors look great!