Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chris' Intership Graduation

Well, we are finally back into the technological world. I apologize for the hiatus in my blog posts, but our computer broke around 3 months ago and we just bought a new one this week, so I am back into the world of blogging! Oh, how I have missed it!
Chris graduated from his internship program back in June. It was a really neat occasion - the Surgeon General came and spoke (I didn't really get to hear it because Mason started throwing an all out fit right when he started, so we had to get up and leave. Grumble) but from what I did hear, I was very impressed. He was a strong Christian man and charged the graduates to put God first in their lives...only then would they be the kind of doctors they should be. Wow! Not too often we hear speaches like that in the secular world...perhaps especially in the military!
Speaking of the military, I really enjoyed this opportunity to witness a bit of the "pomp and circumstance" of the military's ceremonies. We hadn't had much of a chance to see any of that yet, and we did at this occasion. They were blowing sea whistles, there was a wonderful brass band that played for the ceremony, lots of saluting, orders, etc. It was very neat. Such a wonderful opportunity to explain to the boys a bit of the "military culture." Grant was intrigued...Mason just wiggled! Ha!
So Chris is now a second year resident. 1/3 of the way done. And I couldn't be more proud of him. I hear that second year is by far much easier that the first year, so perhaps we have the worst behind us! Hooray!
By the way, don't all three of my boys look awfully cute? Chris had to wear his "dress whites" so I figured it was a dressy occasion, so I dressed the boys and I up, too. Unfortunately, when we got there, most people were in blue jeans. Oh, well, I was proud of them!


West05 said...

Congrats on another medical milestone!! And another congrats or maybe just an all out HORRAY for returning to the blogging world!!

MostHolyRev said...

I love both of the pictures of Chris with his boys... they are sweet