Friday, April 9, 2010


So we've spent a number of days fishing in our pond in the back yard. The boys absolutely love it, and I enjoy being outside as a family. Grant is becoming ALL boy - he's not afraid to handle anything. As soon as Chris puts our most recent capture in the bucket of water, Grant's hands are right in there, trying to catch it with his bare hands (this is a big change from last year where he stood way back with his hands clasped in dismay while Mason played with the fishies). Once he does catch one, he holds it up for all to see, and he is even gracious enough to let Mason pet it a few times. He's pretty silly. I'm sure one of these days he is going to figure out that his mom doesn't mind watching from a distance, but if he brings it near her, she screams and runs...that won't be a pretty day. Gross!

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