Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A couple of Momentous Occasions!

Memorable Moment # 1: Mason is getting so strong so I pulled out his exersaucer for him to explore his world a little more. While it has been sitting idle in the playroom receiving absolutely no attention for the last couple of months, now that Mason is playing with it, Grant wants to, as well. Every time I put Mason in it, Grant crawls up on top, sits on the side and plays, too. They are entertaining themselves by the hour with this thing. And Grant is so good at showing Mason how to do things! What's amazing is that Mason watches intently! I've been so impressed. On a sidenote, when Mason isn't playing with it, Grant still likes to crawl inside and sit in the seat. This is okay for a little while, but when he realizes he can't get out, we have a panic-induced meltdown. Silly kid. Memorable Moment #2: Mason rolled completely over today! He rolled to his side yesterday, so when I went in to get him from his nap, I stood and watched him for a few minutes. After several minutes of struggling, he rolled right over! I was so excited, and very proud of him! Way to go, Mason! Memorable Moment #3: I finally painted the oars that were given to us from some dear friends in VA. We painted them and attached the boys' names to them to put up in their room. Don't they look great!! Memorable Moment #4: I picked Grant up this afternoon and glanced out the back sliding door only to see a big black snake - probably about 24 inches long - long and skinny and slithering across my back concrete slab. Grant pointed at it and said, "Nake! Nake!" Yuck! Mom Worley, I thought of you! Yikes!


Jessi said...

Oh, the oars look awesome! Great job, Sara!

Have the boys started sleeping in their room together?

4 months is when I put Josiah in the exersaucer for the first time...I can't wait until Laney is strong enough. I know that she will LOVE it. And I also know that she will receive a lot of help on how to "work things" from the big brother, much like Mason is.

MostHolyRev said...

The oars are wonderful! I am so impressed with the whole look. You must be very proud - I am of you! Take more pictures of the house - I like to see what you do as far as pictures, decor, etc.