Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10.14.08 Pumpkin Patch

Well, since we finally had our Halloween costumes completed, we took the boys to the pumpkin patch tonight, hoping for a fun family evening and some great fall pictures (it's funny to think it actually is the middle of October despite the very HOT day). Pumpkin patches down here are a lot different than the ones at home - you know, the ones where you go out in a field full of pumpkins that are still attached to the vine??? Here, they are already harvested and are lined up in great big long rows. Definitely a different experience than any I'd had before. But the "patch" we went to had hay bales, and various places set up to take pictures, etc. Mason was great. He was all smiles. But Grant, on the other hand, didn't want to smile for the pictures, even when I showed him I had candy if he he cooperated. We did get a few semi-smiles. He's just in this phase where he doesn't want to smile for pictures for some reason. He did enjoy the pumpkins, despite the fact that he succeeded in thoroughly frustrating his daddy. We left with Chris frustrated and Grant crying all the way to the car. On the way home, Mason started screaming, so I pulled out the cheerios and ended up spilling the whole bowl full all over the car. I think Chris was never so happy to finally get home. Despite all the frustrations, I did have a good time and enjoyed my boys in their costumes. Everyone else thought they were adorable, too, and I even had someone ask me if I were a professional seamstress (Way to go, mom!). She also asked if I were a professional photographer because I had a nice camera. She was funny. Unfortunately, there are a lot more cute pictures of Mason than of Grant. The little booger just wasn't cooperating. So enjoy the ones of Mason and hopefully soon Grant will be in better spirits! :-) Oh, and several of you have asked if Chris was going to be the scarecrow and I, Dorothy. The answer: Probably not. But only because the party we were going to was cancelled. Otherwise, yes that was the plan. And I even tossed around the idea of dressing Emma Lou as Toto! :-)
The Tin Man and Cowardly Lion

We just couldn't get them to smile at the same time!!!
Grant Christopher, our Little Tin Man

Mason Alexander, our Cowardly Lion


Jessi said...

Too cute for words! I know what you're going through with Grant...it's so frustrating to get a good pic of BOTH of them.

Bummer that your party was cancelled....the family pics would have been great!!!

Glad you had a great time. We'll be heading to the corn maze next month since we had a lot more rain this year (thanks to a couple of hurricanes) and the corn got planted late. I always enjoyed Sinkland Farms, so it'll be interesting to see what the "patches" look like down here.

Miss you.

raegina said...

Sara, they are so cute! We miss you guys! Much love!

Julie said...

So I decided to check the blog, since I haven't in a while and haven't even posted on ours in over a month...and I am so excited to see this surprise. The boys look sooooo cute!! And the costumes are great, you and your mom did a beautiful job! I can't help but chuckle at the pumpkin patches around here as well. I am with you, I miss the true pumpkin patches, pumpkin on the vine, apple trees, and fresh apple cider. Mmm. Not to mention the colorful leaves and the real cool crisp in the air that would let me wear a sweater, but no jacket.

C said...

those are the cutest costumes ever! I love them!!! Are yall going trick-or-treating? Please stop by our house!!