Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Air Dart Gun FUN!!

For Christmas the first year we got married (almost 5 years ago - can you believe it!!), my parents got Chris a gun that shoots darts at little styrofoam balls that float in the air since he likes guns and targets and such. We had so much fun competing to see who could knock down more balls for a long time. We put it in the closet and hadn't pulled it out for a while, so one day last week we found it and decided to pull it out to play with Grant. Did we have a ball! We played for a long time - it just didn't get old!! Grant enjoyed trying to get the balls to float in the stream of air more than pulling the trigger on the gun (My kind of boy!), but Daddy enjoyed pulling the trigger (much to my chagrin, Daddy's still the best shot as hard as I try), so great fun was had by all.

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