Monday, October 27, 2008

Update on dad

Things seem to be looking up for my dad. The first day we were here, he was transferred to the new hospital and seemed to take a turn for the worse which was very difficult on my mom (and the rest of us for sure) but the next day he had recovered quite nicely. His heart is regenerating on its own very well and it seems to be attributed to the power of prayer. God is truly healing my dad, and we all see it as a miracle and a blessing. Things should be much worse than they are at this point, considering how serious the heart attack was. The doctors are encouraged and have decided to give his heart some more time to heal, since it is doing so well on its own. Unfortunately, he still has a major artery blocked 75-80% so they do need to perform surgery, but they have postponed it until Thursday or later. All of my siblings and I have arranged to stay until after the surgery, so that is a blessing. If you want to keep up with regular updates, you can look at my dad's where we have a family member updating it daily, explaining his condition, what's been done, etc. for the day. Love you all. We covet your prayers and look forward to posting our praise report at a successful surgery very soon.

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