Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 10, 2009 Popsicles

Today was rather hot, so I took the boys outside for a special treat. Mason had never had a popsicle before, so I was excited to see how he would handle it. He was all business. He held it in his little hands and went right to town. There wasn't a drop left...except on his hands and legs. Immediately after the popsicles, you ask? A Bath!


Becky Carter said...

I am so unbelievably jealous of the shorts and t-shirts! we are still in heavy coats and hats! with no end in sight! the popsicles look yummy, but I can't bear to be any colder ;-)!

Jessi said...

What a good idea! I'll definitely have to give popcicles a try in a couple of months....however, we may have to eat ours inside since they'll melt the instant we walk outside come this summer. UGH!

MostHolyRev said...

Mason looks like he is turning into a little boy. i loved the picture of him licking the popsicle with his tongue. he figured it out, didn't he.