Friday, April 18, 2008

04.17.08 Our First Date Night!

We had the great opportunity for one last date night before we head to Jacksonville, FL. Our good friends, Matt and Jenny Mitchell agreed to take both of the boys for us so we could spend a little time together. It was a much needed respite. We had such a wonderful time! It was a lovely day, so we went to a little Pizza place here in Blacksburg with a patio and ate outside - just the two of us! We then went to the mall and looked for some sunglasses since we'll be moving to FL - we figured we needed some decent sunglasses to protect our eyes. I had originally planned to take Chris to test-drive a Mustang Convertible, but he did it on his own earlier in the week in a weak moment, so I didn't figure it'd be near as fun a second time. Just being together was quite nice, though. And very relaxing. We had a great time. My mom has been asking how my tummy's doing, so I took some pictures to show how I look exactly 4 weeks after having Mason. I think I'm doing pretty least I felt pretty tonight. Though I must say, 5 minutes before we left, Mason spit up clear down my front. Grumble, grumble, grumble!


NTS Montgomery said...

You look beautiful Sara and look amazing for just having had a baby 4 weeks ago. :)

becky carter said...

you do look beautiful Sara! It's nice when the weight comes off quickly, isn't it? ;-)

MostHolyRev said...

Woah! You look booby! Way to go, girl, if only your mother could look so good! It will never happen here - even having babies didn't make me look that good!