Saturday, April 12, 2008

4.12.08 Happy Birthday, Uncle Dan!

Uncle Dan is having a birthday tomorrow, so we called this morning to see if we could meet him and Aunt Stefi in Mt Airy, NC (home of Andy Griffith and the town Mayberry was modeled after), which is about half way between us. They were able to meet around dinner time, so Grant and I had our first baking adventure - just the two of us! We were out of eggs, though, so we had to quit half way through, get dressed, and make a trip to the grocery store. Such an adventure! Grant was a great helper, and had so much fun stirring (and EATING!) the cookie dough. I was pouring the flour into the measuring cup and letting Grant then pour the measuring cup into the bowl. I was concerned that Grant would pour the flour all over the counter and floor, so I was trying to pay attention to what he was doing, and completely ignoring what I was up to. It should have been the other way around. Grant did great, and I ended up pouring the bag of flour that I was holding in my hand all over Grant's head and shirt which ended up all over the chair and floor. Way to go, mom! He didn't seem to mind a bit! We got to Mt Airy and were disappointed to find that everything closed at 4:00, so there wasn't anything for us to do. So we found a park on our GPS and told Aunt Stefi and Uncle Dan to meet there instead. It ended up being a soccer field with a few picnic tables. It was a Veteran's Memorial park, so it also had a tank that the boys enjoyed playing on. So although there wasn't much to do, we sure enjoyed being with Uncle Dan to celebrate his birthday. And who says running in the grass and playing in the gravel drive isn't enough to entertain someone for hours!!!

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