Thursday, April 3, 2008

4.01.08 - 4.02.08 Mason's Growing So Fast!

We have had a wonderful week with our little family. It's hard to believe that my parents have been gone for an entire week already, and that Mason is 2 weeks old today. He is growing so fast, changing every day, and is much more alert now than he was at first. Though he still sleeps most of the time, he is awake much more, following us with his eyes, and interacting a little bit. Grant loves his brother, and is always wanting to be in his space, etc. Although I'm not worried about Grant intentionally hurting Mason, we have had a few mishaps already. Mason has had his first battle scars. On Monday, Grant was playing with our TV Remote. He is not allowed to play with them, so I said, "Grant, what are you doing?" He looked at me and threw the remote, which in turn flew right into the middle of Mason's forehead. It left a little red mark for a couple of hours, and we got a squeal out of Mason, but beyond that, it disappeared rather quickly. I've been amazed at how quickly something can happen, even when you're right there with them. I had Grant with me in the kitchen on Tuesday. Mason was in his little basket in the family room sleeping. Grant and I were cooking. Suddenly, I heard Grant cry. But it wasn't jsut any cry - it was the cry he makes when he does something wrong. Sure enough, he had escaped from the kitchen and before I even realized it, he had gone into the family room and pulled Mason's entire basket off the couch and on to the floor. Mason just slept through it all, not moving a muscle. But Grant knew he had done something wrong and was very remorseful. Just this morning, I got up out of bed to use the restroom. Grant was in bed with us. Chris was still in bed. Mason was sleeping in the bassinett which I had right next to the bed so that I could get Mason out of bed without getting out of bed myself. I know - how lazy does that sound! :-) Anyway, by the time I got back from the bathroom (mind you, Chris was right there), Grant had moved from our bed into Mason's bed and was straddling the poor baby, who wasn't very happy with the arrangement. I said, "Oh, no! Grant!" Chris looked up and said, "He was just laying right here next to me! I have no idea how that happened so fast!" We tried to help Grant understand that being in the bassinett could hurt Grant AND Mason. We'll see if the lesson sticks. So, poor Mason has been welcomed to this world much differently than Grant was. Grant's life was quiet and peaceful whereas Mason has a wonderful big brother who loves him so much, but just doesn't quite understand the idea that a baby can be a fragile thing... It just makes me wonder...what will happen tomorrow? Below you'll find pictures taken from 4/1/08-4/2/08.

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