Tuesday, June 24, 2008

06.24.08 Jacksonville Mommies at the Zoo

I joined a group on the internet called "JacksonvilleMommies.com". Today they went to the zoo, so we decided to join them. There were 4 other moms and their kids that went. It was nice to meet some other moms in the area, and Grant always loves the zoo. I let him play in a fountain as we were waiting on a couple of other moms, and he got soaking wet! Can you tell who's grandson he is??? He just can't keep himself from getting his head from under that water!! Since he was so wet and Mason was sweating and was as red as a lobster because it was so hot out, I decided we'd go home before we all got too overheated. All three of our cheeks are back to their normal colors now that we've cooled down. Boy, is it a hot day!!!

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