Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And the Husband of the Year goes to.... Chris!!!! Yesterday a package came in the mail addressed to Christopher Worley. I assumed someone was sending him a gift for graduation, so I stood with excitement to watch him open it up. He pulled out a duffle bag looking item, and I thought that someone had sent him a Frisbee Golf Set and was so excited for him! But when he opened it up, it wasn't a Frisbee Golf Set at all. Instead, we found my camera! I have been wanting a Canon Rebel for a long time, and he got it for me (thanks to some dear friends who sold it to us!) So I now have a Canon Rebel XT complete with the regular lens, a zoom lens, a macro lens, 3 different filters, a cleaning kit, 2 tripods, a battery and memory card! Wow! He definitely surprised me, and he certainly made my day! I haven't read up on how to use it yet (every time I try, one of my kids demand my attention), but I played with it for a while today. Here are a few pictures with my new camera! PS - Jan - I meant to tell you about this when we spoke today but got distracted by my kids. I'm anxious for you to see it! Perhaps you can teach me a few things now! ;-) Grant got quite cranky around 10:00 today since he got up at 5:30 this morning. he kept whining about wanting to watch a movie and wanting some juice. I had told him numerous times that we were not watching a movie, and he could have some juice after he finished his milk, which he did not want to do. After a while, I told him I was done with the whining and went to my room to make my bed. When I came back out to the family room, he was laying quietly on the couch. I thought if I left him there, he might just go to sleep, which is exactly what he did for 2 hours with his movie in one hand and his cup in the other! That just doesn't happen very often! At the same time, Mason fell asleep in the swing, allowing me about 20 minutes to myself! Wow! He then awoke and we had our little "photoshoot." :-)

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Jessi said...

Ooooh, I'm so envious of your new camera. When Carrie came to visit, she brought her "big time" digital camera and I fell in love. I hope that a new camera is in our future, too. :-)

You sure do deserve such a wonderful gift (and husband). :-)