Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 30, 2008 - Cummer Museum of Art

We went to the Cummer Museum of Art today. They were having a family day, so admission was free! They had an exhibit from the Mayo Clinic on Medical Sketches, so Chris was very interested in that. They had a "scavenger hunt" in there, and even provided you with a sketch book, in case you wanted to draw the images yourself! Grant was so interesting - he wanted his daddy, and ONLY his daddy in this exhibit. It was like he knew it was something that Daddy excelled in. He found some huge diagrams of the skeleton and muscles and was enthralled with this. He kept asking, "What's this?" and Chris would give him the correct anatomical name, of course. This could have gone on for hours. Oh - and in a different section of the museum, we saw on original Norman Rockwell, which thrilled Chris, of course. They had a great kids exhibit with lots of hands on things to do - Grant's favorite was dancing in front of a shadow wall and watching himself on the screen. We could hardly tear him away from that thing (although he was very good about sitting on the sides and letting other kids have turns). They also had art stations where you could do rubbings, cut out the stickers of different body parts and put them on a poster in the correct places (Grant didn't want them on the paper - he wanted them on HIMSELF! So we cooperated and he left the anatomical stickers on his shirt all day!). They also had water painting in the gardens, etc. My favorite part was the garden. They were beautiful. I'll definitely be going back....JUST for the gardens, although the art was lovely, as well!

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