Sunday, August 3, 2008

Why are Sunday mornings always Miserable???

It seems that any other morning of the week is just fine. We have no trouble getting ready and out of the house on time every other day. But Sundays are miserable. Sundays are impossible, and we find ourselves dreading the arrival of Sunday morning all week long. This Sunday was no exception. Chris had to be at the hospital by 5:00, which meant he had to get up at 4:00. No worries - I was up and awake at 3:30 because Mason has decided that it's time to get up between 3:30 and 4:00 every morning for the last week. I'm not sure if its his tooth bothering him, or what, but it's making for very long days! So anyway, Chris left at 4:30 to go to the hospital, hoping to be able to go to church with us at 10:45 (which he wasn't, by the way). Around 8:00, I got Grant dressed and ready to go. I started getting myself ready, and Mason woke up again, so I went in to get him and realized he had leaked through his diaper and soaked his bed. I got him up, stuck him in the tub and proceeded to give him a nice warm bath. The entire time I was bathing Mason, I kept calling for Grant, but he wasn't coming, and he was very quiet. Never a good sign. When Mason was finally done with his bath, I wrapped him up in a warm towel and got up to look for Grant. We found him in the other bathroom with the toilet brush in one hand, completely drenched from head to foot in toilet water. He had also taken the toilet brush and flung toilet water all over the bathroom, which had just been cleaned the day before. Ugh. So I stripped him down to his diaper and sat him in time out and went to get Mason dressed for fear that he would leak all over if I didn't have a diaper on him soon. The entire time I was doing that, Grant was rubbing his hands in his eyes, all over his face, in his mouth, etc. Remember, I hadn't cleaned him up yet, so I was freaking out at his toilet soaked hands all over his face and kept telling him to sit still with his hands in his lap, to no avail. What two year old can sit still for that long? So I put Mason in his exersaucer after he was dressed and got Grant to take his second bath of the day. Bathtime was great. No issues there. I got the bathroom cleaned, fished the empty cardboard roll of toilet paper out of the toilet drain, changed the sheets on Mason's bed, and got myself ready for church. It was only 9:30 and church didn't start until 10:45, so I thought I was doing really well. I sat down at the computer to look up directions to the church because we'd never been there before, and immediately after I sat down, Mason started screaming. I kept telling him I knew he'd been sitting there for a long time, I was coming, I just had to get directions to church. I couldn't have sat there for more than 3-4 minutes. I got up and went to get Mason. Grant was standing next to him, pointing at him and saying "Yuck! Yuck!" He usually says that when Mason is drooling, so I didn't think much of it. Then I looked down and saw orange crayon all over the exersaucer. How Grant got ahold of the crayons I have no idea because we keep them put up so he can't get them. But somehow he found the orange crayon and colored all over the exersaucer. Then I looked at the couch, and he had colored all over the couch, too. This all in 3-4 minutes. I told him to go to his corner and have a time out. Then I bent down to get Mason. As I lifted him, I realized that Grant had colored all over Mason, too. Thick, chunky orange crayon covered Mason's head and face. I didn't have a clue how I was going to get it to come off of his skin. In case you were wondering, Crayola Washable Crayons come right off skin. I thought I might have trouble explaining my orange son at a new church. :-) "He takes after his daddy" just didn't seem like it would cut it! Ha! I got the crayon off the couch and exersaucer, too. But at that point, I was ready to quit and not even go to church. I went to talk to Grant, who had been crying, and realized that because he had been crying, he had a really yucky nose and he had wiped it all over the wall by his corner. Sigh. Good grief. What wouldn't the kid get into today? He even found ways to be frustrating while in time-out!! I thought that if I stuck them in their carseats, they couldn't get in trouble, so we loaded up into the car and drove to the church. Both of them fell asleep in the car, so I sat in the parking lot and did my devotions while they slept, and so we were all in much better moods by the time we actually got to church. They had a Southern Gospel singer at the church, so I didn't get to hear the preacher. But the singer was very good. In the service he mentioned that he was going to Kokomo, IN this week, which is where I'm from. So afterwards I asked him where he was going, whereupon he said, "Grace United Methodist Church." You're kidding. That's my dad's church! We both thought it was so funny. What a very small world! I made him promise to give my dad a hug for me on Wednesday when he meets him. So all of that to say thankfully that the morning ended on a high note, despite the rocky beginning! :-)


Jan said...

my word, Sara! you deserve a medal for surviving that morning! and I thought you had good stories before you had kids. :)
What church did you visit this week?

Jessi said...

I'm with Jan, you deserve a medal....I would have just given up (and shed quite a few tears). Keep documenting these stories....Grant going to love hearing them when he's married and preparing to be a daddy. :-)

Courtney said...

oh gosh, I had to laugh about the crayon situation... poor Sarah! what a way to start your day! your patience and deligence never cease to amaze me! I'd probably be lying in the toliet water on the bathroom floor boo-hooing haha. you are such a great mommy! I'm glad the day ended better then it began :) Where do you plan to go to chuch tomorrow?