Thursday, August 14, 2008

We have had a wonderful treat this week! Chris' parents came down to spend some time with us. I think I was more excited about it than anyone else. Mason has been having trouble sleeping, so I've been up most nights with him, getting very little rest. I'm so thankful for 4 extra hands! I even got to go have lunch with Chris and go grocery shopping yesterday all by myself! What a wonderful gift. Families are truly wonderful things.


Jessi said...

What a blessing to have family just a couple of hours free your hands for a little while. You do so much for your family, you definitely deserve to spend a little time with your hubby and a trip to the grocery store without having to look after your toddler who has infinite energy (really, where do they get it and how can we vanquish it?)

Miss you...wish we could have spent some time together on your day out.

Ashley said...

Hey Sara! My name is Ashley Crisp and my husband is a 1st year at VCOM. Molly told me that you were her RA in college and your husband also went there. I just wanted to say hello! We are just beginning this adventure so I decided to start a blog in order to keep up with friends and family who are so far away since we are from Mississippi. I might have to stop in on occasion to get a little encouragement about living with a med student =0). Your boys are sooo cute by the way! my blog is

jenny mitchell said...

sara! I love the new look of your blog!! you are so techno savvy! it looks so great!!! sorry I haven't called you back yet, things have been nuts here! we finally have received the keys to our place and we are trying to paint and get ready before our furniture comes. it is a job!!! but know i miss you lots and look forward to catching up soon!!1