Thursday, September 4, 2008

09.04.08 Happy Birthday, Paw-Paw

My dad's birthday was back on August 30, but my mom was very sweet in making him wait for birthday cake until we got here since his favorite birthday cake is my favorite, too! I was more than happy to share in eating such a wonderful treat! He, however, wasn't so thrilled at the prospect of not eating the entire thing all by himself. In the end, he had 4 more pieces than I had. Wasn't I a good daughter! Grant and Grandma spent the first afternoon that we were here baking Paw-Paw's birthday cake. Grant had so much fun putting confetti in the angel food cake to make it look pretty. When it was done baking, he proudly took the first piece to Paw-Paw with a big grin, and even clapped his hands after delivering it. And boy, did it taste good! So happy birthday, dad! Thanks for sharing your cake with me! Grant has also had fun playing the piano since we've been here. He shouts, "Sing!" and goes running to the piano to make some beautiful music. Perhaps we'll have a musician on our hands afterall.

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Jan said...

Say hello to your family for me!
When will you be back in Jax?