Sunday, September 14, 2008

09.13.09 Remote Control Car

Even though Jaybin enjoyed the game, when Amy told him that Notre Dame had won, he said, "Great! Can we play with the car now?" He wanted to play with Paw-Paw's remote control race car so badly! So we learned how to keep a pair of two year olds still and quiet for 15 minutes. My dad would plug in the battery, explain that it takes 15 minutes to charge, and that he needed them to watch the timer for him and to let him know when the light turned on, signifying that it was ready to go. Amazingly, both boys sat at the kitchen table completely still for 15 entire minutes - 3 different times! It was incredible! They watched for the light to come on and as soon as it did, they ran to tell Paw-Paw. Jaybin, Kinsen, Grant and Elyse all had a great time taking their turn with the race car. And they all did an impressive job!

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