Friday, December 5, 2008

11.03.08 Growing up!

Chris was on call Tuesday, so he was home with us for a little while on Wednesday afternoon. We had the Christmas lights on, Christmas music playing and were all four down on the floor playing, wrestling and just enjoying being together. As we were sitting there, I was thinking, "Sara, Take a picture in your mind (thanks mom - it's stuck with me) because this will be gone before you know it. Savor every moment!" As I was thinking this, I looked over at Mason and he was up on all fours, CRAWLING!!! Wow! I was amazed! He's not very good at it yet, and I really haven't been able to get any videos or anything yet, despite my multiple attempts. But, my baby boy is crawling. For some reason when Grant did all of this it was so exciting and wonderful...perhaps it was his hair that made me think of him as so much older...but with Mason, it makes me cry. My baby's not such a baby any more. It is going by oh so quickly. So I'm just taking lots of pictures - both with my camera and in my mind so that I don't forget my beautiful family and how sweet this Christmas, and every day, is for us.


Becky Carter said...

boy do I hear you Sara! I feel like that a lot lately. My two little boys will be men before I know it. what a scary and awesome responsibility!

MostHolyRev said...

Glad you are still taking pictures in your mind. That phrase began in Madrid Spain - I see dances, dancers, fireworks, "big heads", black velvet, embroidered shoes, beautiful spanish women and handsome spanish men - - all with my little girl that grew up way too fast!