Thursday, December 11, 2008

Early December FUN with the FAM.

I have had so much fun playing with my boys this week.
Here's a snippet of what we've been up to!
Grant had been making a tree with stickers on it for ornaments. Afterwards, he peeled the outline of the sticker off the page, put it on his face and said, Look, Mommy! I'm Grandpa! For those of you who don't know, my father-in-law is known for his beard, which he has had for more years than I've been alive, I think. I found it quite humorous that Grant found a way to relate to that aspect of his Grandfather. Isn't he cute with his bright green, holey beard? Here it is December, and our tree in the back yard is finally losing its leaves. I took Grant outside the other day while Chris and Mason were napping and we had a ball raking leaves and jumping in them (notice Grant in his shorts!!). Mason and Daddy finally woke up and came out to join us. We all had a great time.
My Master Raker
Just about the only way I could get all three of them in a picture together.
This is typical Grant, for sure!

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