Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29, 2007 – Sorrento/Capri

A small boat along the beautiful cliffs of Sorrento My whole family in the gardens of the villa we toured in Anacapri View from the gardens at Anacapri. It was gorgeous! Putting our feet in the Mediterranean Sea on the Island of Capri Chris and Dan on the Scooter that Dan and Stephanie rented We went to the Island of Capri today. We got up this morning and took little busses down to the bottom of the cliffs and met our tour guide. We took a hydro-foil (big passenger ship) over to Capri, which was so much fun. Once we reached Capri, we boarded little busses and began our crazy journey to the top of Capri, or Anacapri, for a tour of a villa up there and some shopping. That bus ride was one of the most interesting in my life. I seriously feared for my life! The roads were itty-bitty, and the bus was rather large, taking up nearly the entire road. But cars were coming down, too, meaning our bus had to be on the very edge. Our driver went so fast! If I were driving I would have gone about 5 miles an hour to make sure we were safe. But I know we were going at least 40 miles an hour! Anyway, we made our way up the curvy mountain in one piece, thankfully! The view was beautiful from the top, and we had incredible pineapple gelato, but overall, it was rather disappointing. Our trip down the mountain was just as exciting as the trip up. At times, if I would have stuck my arm out our window, it would have gone nearly to the passenger’s seat of the car beside us – we were that close. If we were any closer, we would have scraped the other vehicle. It was nuts. And the drivers would get mad at each other, shake their fists and make all sorts of gestures, and then they would smile, wave, and continue on their way. Probably a healthy way of expressing road rage! When we got back to Sorrento, Stephanie and Dan rented a motorcycle. Driving in Italy is not a safe thing. People on scooters weave in and out of traffic, paying no attention to any semblance of law. Lines in the road are merely suggestion. People basically do what they want. And if you’re in their way, they have no problem with hitting you. This was made evident when Stephanie and Dan hit another car, and the other person smiled and just continued on. When they told their rental place about it, they said it was no problem. How weird! I wasn’t about to get on that thing. But Chris did. He had fun weaving in and out of traffic, cutting off busses, etc. He could fit in with Italian driving quite well, I think!

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