Monday, June 4, 2007


I am so excited this evening! I took Grant on a walk tonight(mostly to get my feet used to my new walking sandals before we leave for Italy on the 18th). We have been working really hard on getting him to sing. So I was singing, "La, La, La." And then I'd tell Grant to try. I've been working on this for months! Finally tonight while he was in his stroller, he leaned back all the way, put his feet up on the handle bar out front so he looked like he was a business man lounging at his desk while talking on the telephone and sang, "La,La,La" for our entire walk! It was so cute. Tonight we have been playing on the floor with some toys. He was getting too close to our TV (we don't let him play with the TV or any of the electronics over by the television), so I picked him up and set him down further away. He wasn't thrilled and fussed a bit about it, so I came around to his front side and coaxed him to walk to me...well it didn't take much coaxing and he got 8 whole steps in before he lunged towards me to catch him! I was so proud, and he was too. He just clapped his little hands together with a grin on his face that was so big it showed all 5 of his teeth and made his eyes appear as little slits on his face. Hooray for Grant!

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