Monday, June 18, 2007

June 18, 2007 – Travel Day

We got up this morning and drove to the airport. Stephanie and Dan were leaving from terminal A and we were leaving from terminal C. Steph and Dan didn’t want to inconvenience the person taking us to the airport, so they asked to be dropped off at Terminal C, as well, and just walk to their terminal. We were only there 2 hours early, and the line for check in was very long. There was a man in front of us who had purchased a DVD player. It was still in its box and they wouldn’t let him take it. He had to purchase a bag from them to mail it, take it out of the box, etc. Everyone seemed to be having similar problems. Although there were probably only 20 people or so in front of us, it took greater than an hour to get through and get our tickets. We made it to our gate and waited for about half an hour before getting on our plane, all the while, talking about whether Stephanie and Dan had time to make it to their plane in the other terminal. Our first flight to JFK was rather uneventful. We had a 2 hour 45 minute layover there and felt pretty good about that, but when we got there, realized we had to switch terminals. We basically ran through the airport, had to catch a train over to the other terminal, had to stand in line and check in to get our tickets and then go through security again. It was very stressful. We made it to our gate, grabbed a sandwich to share and while we were still eating, they started loading the plane. We literally only had 10 minutes at our gate before getting on the plane. I’m glad our layover was as long as it was. Otherwise, we would have missed our flight. Yet again, our flight was uneventful. Thank goodness. We made it to Rome about 6:50 am (12:50 am American Time).

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